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Sustainable Property

We built 95A as a home and as an example to ourselves of how property can be both stunning and sustainable. We love the result. 95A is an incredible place to live. It delivers at every level. Its warm, solid, quiet, dark, luxurious, stylish, open, light and above all a really lovely place to live.

95A is the real deal. Not only is it finished to the highest standard, using quality materials, it is a bona fide eco home. Its Carbon Neutral certification shows the intent at the design phase and the reality is no different. We've been monitoring our energy consumption and production all year and last month we generated 70% more energy than we consumed, the month before we generated 80% more, the month before 75% more, the month before 50% more and so on, meaning over the course of this year we are on track to generate as much carbon free electricity as we consume.

Building eco homes is an expensive business. The extra insulation, stronger roof, triple glazing, heat pump, mechanical ventilation, wildflower meadow roof, solar panels, car charger, insulated thresholds, air tightness tape etc etc all cost money, but we believe that people recognise and value the effect this extra level of design has on their homes and their lives and are willing to invest in their and the planets future.

Selling 95A will be a wrench, but life moves on and if this project has taught us anything its that building more eco homes is more important than living in our first. So thats what we are going to do, build more eco homes. So we want to pass this beautiful, super sustainable house on to a new owner, to love, care for and enjoy, while we go off and try and save the world, one incredible eco home at a time. is our new venture and 95A is, I guess, its first achievement. We hope you love it as much as we do and believe in the future of homes as much as the planets needs you to!

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