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Carbon Neutral

95A isn't like any old house, its been designed with sustainability at its core and to have as little impact on the planet as is possible. Bring Carbon Neutral means the building produces more green, carbon free energy than it uses.


Heating and hot water is provided by a 4kW air source heat pump. Compare that to a conventional 3 bed house which would require a 30kW gas boiler or the 2kW your kettle needs to boil and you begin to understand the efficiency the building delivers.


Annually the 3.2kW solar array generates more sustainable carbon free energy than the building uses, making 95A certified Carbon Neutral. The panels are set amongst a native British wildflower meadow.

Super U's

At the heart of the buildings performance is simple old insulation. The SIPs construction provides exceptional continuity of insulation throughout the walls and ceiling, Meticulous attention to detail in filling and taping all conceivable gaps mean the building is extremely air tight. Big thick timber framed triple glazed class 4 air tight windows and doors ensure minimal heat loss and solar gain.


Buildings need ventilation and in a conventional house, even a modern one,  natural air leakage provides enough flow of air to keep your property sufficiently ventilated to prevent internal moisture buildup. When a building is air tight mechanical forms of ventilation are required in the form of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery, continually providing fresh, warm, filtered air throughout the house.


With a score of 102 A, its one of the most efficient properties in the country. Take a look at the EPC.

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